Ladies, become the next Miss Brooklyn

Leigh-Taylor Smith, Miss Brooklyn 2008, made it all the way to Miss America 3rd Runner-up
Leigh-Taylor Smith, Miss Brooklyn 2008, made it all the way to Miss America 3rd Runner-up

Do you have a passion for community service, look good in a swimsuit and high heels, but aren’t quite ready to be questioned by the likes of Rush Limbaugh? Did you know there was a Miss Brooklyn pageant? Neither did we. But luckily we stumbled upon the site today because there are only three days left to apply to become 2010’s titleholder, who will be crowned on March 28 at Brooklyn College. The contest is open to women, age 18-24 (there’s a teen version too) who live, work or study in the five boroughs. Competitors vie for an academic scholarship—this year’s amount hasn’t been announced, but it’s been $1,000 for the last two years—and near-reaching fame.

Keelie Sheridan, the reigning Miss Brooklyn.
Keelie Sheridan, the reigning Miss Brooklyn.

Entering’s relatively easy and far less expensive than anything featured on Toddlers & Tiaras; you’re required to raise $100 for the Children’s Miracle Network. If you’re curious about applying, yet a little rusty—or completely inexperienced—in your pageantry, know that all those accepted to the Miss Brooklyn pageant will be granted free admission to the Queens Corner, the East Coast’s premiere pageant social networking convention, held at the Newark Hilton. There you can see other titleholders, coaches, trainers and a variety of other handlers ready to transform you into the finest fame monster you can be. Remember, just smiling with your eyes—or having “charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent“—won’t necessarily put you above the rest.

Miss Brooklyn is determined by an interview, a talent display (mercifully limited to 90 seconds), a lifestyle & fitness (BMI) display in a swimsuit, how fiercely you can wear an evening gown and some on-stage questions. Since this is part of the Miss America pageant network, who knows—you could rise through the ranks and end up like Vanessa Williams, Carrie Prejean, or that unfortunate Miss Teen South Carolina. So, with stakes like those, be mindful of any sex tapes, lewd photos or involvement in the subprime mortgage crisis lurking in your past.


  1. Lashonda

    I find your comments on this program to be offensive. You display a lack of maturity and a bent for predjudice. I know that playing on stereotypes is a vehicle for getting views on your page, but do you really have to stoop so low to take shots at an event that is promiting community service and giving out scholarhips? I was in the pageant, and I did not win, but I have enough sense to know what is good and what is not. You need to grow up and practice some real journalism.

    • Huh? Are you sure you’re talking about our story? We’ve given Miss Brooklyn more press than anything save for cheap beer. The pageant got so many entries from this piece that they extended the deadline. What am I missing?

  2. violet

    Hi Lashonda, I’m sorry you felt offended by this story. Since I have not participated in a pageant myself, I tried to be respectful of something that many women and girls spend years preparing for. It’s not some reality show like ANTM where the rules are clearly being made up as they go along; the stakes (a scholarship) and what you do once you win (serve your community) are important, and are highlighted in the first paragraph for that reason. However, to pretend like some of the more offbeat aspects of pageantry don’t exist or haven’t been explored in pop culture would be strange and not fit this site/our audience. Once again, I’m sorry if you were offended and wish you good luck if you are in competition again this year.

  3. Lashonda

    Faye – I think you have not read the piece if you claim that it is because fo the piece that the deadline was extended. I get the feeling that the Miss America pageant, unlike Donald Trump’s, does not belive that all publicity is good publicity.

    Violet – Thank you for the response.

    I wish you both well.

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