Here’s your chance to sound off at the MTA about the L train shutdown

Via @BrooklynCartoons.
Via @BrooklynCartoons.

We don’t know exactly what, we don’t know exactly when, but some time in the near future, the L train is going to really screw up your life in some ways. And yes, this means even you, person who doesn’t ride the L train and makes fun of people who do — because all those people, the young tattooed folks, the people who’ve lived in Bushwick for generations, people in hats, ya uncle from Canarsie, are gonna dump into the rest of the MTA system and cause ripple effects all over your commute. We know so far the MTA is thinking of shutting down the L train completely for 18 months or partially for a few years to repair damage from Hurricane SAndy, but nothing is going to happen until 2019. So while you’re debating whether you can get to work via tugboats or hovercrafts, you can actually go talk to the MTA to give them your feedback on the L train plans and maybe get some more info on what the L is going on.

Two meetings are coming up, according to DNAinfo. The first is on May 5 at 6pm at the Marcy Avenue Armory (355 Marcy Ave.); the second is on May 12 at 5:30pm at the Salvation Theatre (120 West 14th St. in Manhattan).

The meetings are your chance to give feedback on the L train situation and will include a question and answer period. Just FYI, if your feedback is “get in your TARDIS to go back in time and make significant financial investment in the crumbling infrastructure of our city before it’s too late!” it’s probably not gonna be much help.

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