Korean BBQ and karaoke coming to Gowanus

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We’ll follow the scent trail leading from The Good Fork to Gowanus.

Flushing is far and the 7 train is super moody, which can make getting to good Korean food and karaoke tough. Luckily though, DNAinfo reports you’ll soon be able to get Korean BBQ and belt your little heart out without having to spend an hour on the train. The owners The Good Fork, the Korean-inspired spot in Red Hook, are opening up a Korean BBQ and karaoke joint in Gowanus.

The new restaurant, which doesn’t have a set name yet, will open late next year and will focus more on traditional Korean food than the owners’ Red Hook spot does. They’ll have the Korean-style dumplings you can find at The Good Fork but will emphasize traditional side dishes like kimchee, shredded daikon, and steamed eggs. The new spot at 328 Douglass Street will also feature four small rentable karaoke rooms along with a larger one for private parties. They’re working on their liquor license right now, because we all know alcohol is the secret to musical talent.

What Gowanus-inspired tunes will you be singing? Will you dedicate Lou Reed’s Last Great American Whale to the memory of Sludgie the Whale? Maybe sing a local PSA in the form of the Beach Boys’ Don’t Go Near the Water? Or something more broadly local from our NYC anthem playlist?

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