Give your life meaning, become a kitten foster parent

Dawwww. via Flickr user Kellinahandbasket
Dawwww. via Flickr user Kellinahandbasket

Kitten season is upon us, which means it’s time to give kittens the appreciation they so rarely receive, despite all the work they put into the war on manspreading and computer illiteracyBut instead of in addition to saluting them by exclusively wearing kitten t-shirts and kitten lapel pins during very important business meetings, you can honor this glorious period between tax and construction season (or if kittens make you sneeze, the allergy season within allergy season) by giving kittens a place to crash until they find a new home. It’s like you get to be a mama cat, without eventually having to pay for kitten tuition.

The folks at Park Slope Veterinary Center are looking for people to take care of orphaned (aww) stray kittens until they’re old enough for adoption. Some of the younger ones still need bottle feeding, so if you have a growler of milk sitting around you’re all set. Because they still need to learn how to be cats, you have to be able to take on at least two kittens so they can socialize with someone beside you, even if you also really like napping in sun spots and lying on top of keyboards when people are trying to type.

The shelter is looking for people who can take care of kittens for at least three weeks, though eight weeks would be ideal. They’re also willing to help out with the cost of food and litter and usually provide a starter kit. If you fall in love with the kittens, which, spoiler alert, you probably will, you can always adopt them and become their forever human. Sign up, before someone else takes the adorable kitten raising jobs by calling the PSVC at (718) 369-7387.

[h/t South Slope News]

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