Kids today too good to live in dark little holes

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NYU student who claims to need things like “sunlight” and “space.” via New York Times

We usually try not to get too grumpy about kids today and how they’re soft and how in our day we had to hand-crank our modems in the snow to make them work. But as long as the Times is profiling an NYU student who found dorm life too hard and instead went looking for an apartment of her own, we’ll do some grousing.

For $1,795 a month, a ground-floor studio on Sullivan Street was perfectly located, though tiny and dark. The entry was through a narrow gated alleyway.

“I was unhappy in my dorm situation,” Ms. Csordas-Jenkins said, “and it would be pointless for me to move into a dark little hole that I wouldn’t be happy in, just because it was my own.”

In our day, our first New York apartments were dark little holes and we liked it! Plus, once we could actually afford windows, it made us appreciate them so much more.

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  1. Oh, this article made me so mad (the original NYTimes profile). Of note: the part where she settles happily on a $2,100/month place, to her parents’ delight.

  2. I thought the most impressive thing about the article was how uninteresting it is. Everyone knows the world is full of entitled babbies. This is not news. Maybe if it was about how she found something without a broker to stay under budget or was otherwise able to swing some kind of amazing deal, it could have some merit as an interesting story, but as it stands it’s just “I wanted to live somewhere quiet with lots of sun, so I paid someone else to find a place for me. It was outside my budget, so my parents just paid more.”

    It just isn’t interesting at all! Why is this in the newspaper? Save it for whatever glossy publication NYU sends your parents once a month to make them feel like their money is well spent!

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