Kensingtonian blogs his way into Daily Show gig

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See mom, movies starring Meryl Streep aren’t the only worthwhile things to come out of blogging—one Brooklyn guy just landed a writing job on The Daily Show that started with a post John Stewart liked. For seven years, Kensington journo/humorist Daniel Radosh has been riffing on “pop, politics, sex and so on” at, named one of the top 25 blogs last year by Time Magazine. Especially popular among commenters are Radosh’s “anti-caption” contests, a parody of the New Yorker version in which Radosh solicits unfunny responses from his readers rather than clever ones, which most of them turn out to be anyway.

Back in May, Radosh penned a mock dialogue between a student and Republican party chairman Michael Steele on the subject of gay marriage. As Radosh writes on his site:

Shortly after that I got an e-mail from someone at The Daily Show saying they liked it and would I consider applying for an open writing position. Fast-forward through several rounds of hoop-jumping to last week when I was officially offered, and accepted, the position. I start next month.

His fancy new job means less, if any time, spent on, a possibility that is leaving his bad-caption writers bereft. In fact, it sounds like the blog is sort of up for grabs.

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