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Finally, a keg delivery service that will also take the keg back

A member of the DivvyDown team ready to tap that. via DivvyDown
A member of the DivvyDown team ready to tap that. via DivvyDown

Getting a keg to your fifth floor walk-up on can be tricky, especially if you usually barely manage to lug your own body there. While demolishing multiple Radio Flyer wagons and cracking your stair banister is always an option, the folks at DivvyDown would like to help you out. DivvyDown, one of the few keg delivery services in Brooklyn, will drag a keg up your stairs, tap it, and pick it up the next day. They also guarantee the keg will be cold and delivered on time, which is important since you’ll want to let the keg sit for a while after moving it so it’s not pure foam.

Though the site lists a pretty standard selection, DivvyDown claims they can get you a keg of any beer you want. The price range is predictably wide considering their selection: a keg of Bud Light is $147 while a Brooklyn Lager keg will run you $256. $1-2 per beer is a pretty good deal, especially since no bottles means less cleaning. Next-day keg pickup is $12 and there’s a refundable keg and tap deposit of $100. We like to think this is cheaper than losing your security deposit after your keg struggle leaves a gaping hole in your stairs.


  1. Hey, we deliver and pickup kegs too! Free of any delivery charges :) We offer it and supply it constantly in Manhattan and can do it for Brooklyn too. All hail booze delivery-of any and all kinds.

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