Nothing like a little explosive action over your weekend. Photo by Donald Woodman, via Prospect Park

For one night only, the Brooklyn skies will be aflame with fiery feminist passion. And no, I don’t mean that I’ll be yelling out my window at random people about male privilege, because that happens every night. In an equally loud, but presumably more pleasant display, DNA Info reports that artist Judy Chicago will show a 20 minute feature of fireworks and light called A Butterfly for Brooklyn. The piece includes hundreds of fireworks, thousands of road flares and miles of LED lights erupting over Prospect Park’s Long Meadow on April 26.

The ambitious piece is based on one of Chicago’s most famous works The Dinner Party, which is on permanent display at the Brooklyn Museum. The Dinner Party is a momentous installation that celebrates women throughout history with imagery of female genitalia rendered in traditional “women’s work” handicrafts. If you want a glimpse of the butterflies and vulvas, the explosions will start at 7pm at the Long Meadow. All you have to do is show up, because this is 100% free.

To celebrate her 75th birthday, and the opening of her retrospective, Chicago has created A Butterfly for Brooklyn as a gift to our fair borough. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see a live work of art by one of the most influential artists of second-wave feminism. Plus, guys, FIREWORKS!

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