Jon Hamm dressed up as the big handsome apple last night

Kurt Braunohler, Eugene Mirman, Kristen Schaal, Jon Hamm and a Statue of Schaal Liberty cake at last night’s show.

Yes, this photo shows Jon Hamm in a full-on Fruit Of The Loom apple costume, serving as a stand-in for the city of New York. And yes, that is a huge State of Liberty cake featuring Kristen Schaal’s face. See what you miss when you don’t go to free comedy shows? [Photo via the BrooklynVegan instagram]

As you know, Schaal is leaving New York in a couple of weeks to go to LA to become an Even Bigger Deal. So after her set at last nights Pretty Good Friends show at Williamsburg Park, Eugene Mirman and company surprised her with the cake and a pledge they made her read about how much she’ll miss New York. And who better to get to represent New York than Don Draper himself?

Hamm said no words and was completely straight-faced the whole time. Just a pretty great show all around. Except for the park where everyone realized the new “Williamsburg waterfront” venue space has not a single view of the water.

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