Jobs! There’s media jobs to be had!

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For all our media-type un-/under-employed friends, here’s a cluster rarer than an on-time freelance check: jobs! Ones that might actually hire you! Park Slope Patch — AOL’s intensive (or hail-mary pass) at hyper local journalism — is seeking an editor after current chief Kristen V. Brown leaves for Columbia grad school. Also on the hyperlocal front, The Local — a joint project of the New York Times and CUNY’s graduate school of journalism — is seeking a “dynamic, visionary editor” to oversee its coverage of Fort Greene and Clinton Hill. If you’re not into the whole getting paid thing, bloggregator Gothamist is looking for fall interns: unpaid, but not a bad name for the resume. If all else fails, you can always pick up a spatula and sling some veggie dogs: vegan fast food joint Foodswings needs a chef: applications open today!


  1. here’s another one, though you’ll have to go through AP’s website to find it: 

    95001983 — Entertainment PhotographerThe Associated Press is looking for an entertainment photographer and editor to be based in New York City.We are seeking someone who is not only passionate about covering entertainment, but who is excited to work across formats and departments to push our access to the next level. The AP is one of the only outlets where entertainment photographers, text, video and radio journalists work side-by-side and are multi-skilled. The ideal candidate must be able to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment as well as have a passion for covering and coordinating coverage of red carpets, sit-down interviews and breaking news.Responsibilities:- Assign entertainment photo coverage on the east coast. This includes managing a team of freelancers and coordinating access at events such as premieres, concerts and morning shows. In addition to overseeing output on the east coast, this person is responsible for ensuring access and credentials at major events in the south such as the Country Music Awards.- Shoot top tier celebrity portraits. Our studio is flooded with actors, musicians, reality stars and other headline makers, therefore strong photography abilities are a must as this role requires almost daily in-house portrait sessions.- Ability to work well across formats. The AP entertainment department is one of the rare places in the news industry where formats work alongside and intermix during coverage. This position will require at times the ability to run different aspects of our text, broadcast and radio reports. – Keep apprised of and forecast entertainment trends. The AP is always looking to push our coverage to the next level as a leader in the entertainment industry. This role requires someone who has their finger on the pulse of pop culture who can raise our access to celebrities and events.- Develop and nurture relationships with key managers, celebrities, publicists and agents in the industry. The AP breaks news on all formats and needs someone who will advocate for industry decision makers to come to us first whether it is for baby or wedding photos, portraits or inside access at events.- Assist with the transmitting of entertainment-related photos to customers and clients worldwide. Having sound photo editing skills is a must. As the world-wide leader in photos, we place a huge emphasis on getting quality material out accurately and fast. 

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