Such jobs: The Daily Dot needs a morning editor

Did you major in Dogeconomics? Have we got a job for you. via the Daily Dot

How much do you know about the viral internet? If you answered “I have watched the video where the guy fucks the snake,” then we’re very sorry for you, but we also have a job for you. Internet newshole The Daily Dot needs a morning editor to run their virtual newsroom and win the day when it comes to spotting the viral stuff that people will be talking about. Like the snake fucking video.

It won’t all be beastiality though, The Daily Dot has verticals on basically the entirety of the internet ecosystem, from lifestyle, tech, politics and uh, Esports to news on what’s going on with reddit, Wikipedia and other internet communities that are opaque to outsiders. Your job as the morning editor would be to make sure that The Daily Dot is the first out of the gate with whatever dumb bullshit the internet is talking about that day, so you can set the tone but more importantly get all those precious life-sustaining clicks.

For this job, you’ll be doing more assigning of stories than writing them, though you’ll be the one packaging them, so being good at picking art and headlines is a must. For a job that will probably lead to a ton of stress and make you question certain life choices, it doesn’t need a ton of experience, just two years in journalism and some time spent in a virtual office setting. And again, we can’t stress this enough, the mental strength to read the words “snake fucking video” and declare “I’M ON IT!”

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