Job of the day: Run a classic shooting gallery at the beach

You'll shoot your eye out kid
Shoots and career ladders.

If you’re looking for a summer job, you could do a lot worse than operating a shooting gallery at the beach for a few months. We don’t have much more information besides what’s in this sign, except that the place within which to inquire is the Coney Island freak show, and the shooting gallery is this classic 1940s-era one that’s right next door. As a former boardie, I can attest that barking carnival games is a hell of a fascinating way to spend a summer.

Not to mention that this 70-year-old gallery is a rare case of a classic element of Coney’s heyday making a comeback, instead of, say, a bunch of chains turning it into Bland Town, USA. It’s right on Surf Avenue too, which would put you in perfect position to shoot pellets at the Applebee’s or the new Johnny Rockets that’s about to take a dump right across the street this summer. Not that we’re advocating that but, hey, gotta shoot at something.

Also, most of Coney Island reopens for the season this weekend. Let’s freak-up that place up again this year, yeah?

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