Jimmy McMillan releases new, softer music video

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McMillan promises to be the candidate who won’t toy with New Yorkers’ emotions

Just in case you started thinking Adolfo Carrion was the only independent candidate of any consequence running for mayor this year, Jimmy McMillan is back with another music video to remind you that he’s here and that the rent is still too damn high. In a stark departure from his previous video’s bombastic anthemic hip hop and punch lines galore, McMillan has instead gone with a long narrative introduction and folk-rock sound. Whether lyrics like”Monday you’re working for the rent/Tuesday you’re working for the rent/Wednesday you’re working for the rent/Thursday you’re working for the rent/Friday you’re working for the rent/Saturday you’re working for the rent/Sunday you go to church and repent” and smashing a guitar will catapult him up the charts is yet to be seen. But, he’ll still always win for most interesting mayoral candidate.

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