Some jerks are selling de Blasio inauguration tickets on Craigslist

de blasio inauguration
Q: Why is this man smiling? A: He doesn’t have to pay for an inauguration ticket. via Facebook

If you weren’t able to snag a ticket to “Red” Bill de Blasio’s people’s inauguration, don’t fret just yet: you can still go! The only problem is that you’re gonna have to pony up. Showing the entrepreneurial zeal that will no doubt be crushed under the man’s Sandinsta-issued boot once he takes office, industrious jerk scalpers on Craiglist are selling the previously free tickets to the de Blasio inauguration for as much as $75. Seventy five goddamn dollars!

“Hey,” you’re saying to no one but a computer screen, “that’s just the magic of free enterprise. Anything that’s free can have a price tag slapped on it.” Oh can it, imaginary straw man I just made up. Giving away the tickets for the inauguration was a nice thing to do, and here are bunch of selfish dicks turning this into some kind of Great Googamooga scalping situation.

It’s jerks all around, from people who are hoarding the tickets, apparently:

de blasio inauguration craigslist

to people who claim they “can’t make it,” but now want money for their FREE TICKET:

de blasio inauguration craigslist

and people who are trying to really drive up the price by demanding a “best offer:

de blasio inauguration craigslist

Technically, this might not be a crime, but we still won’t weep for these people when they’re the first against the wall during the revolutionary tribunals. Serves them right, charging people for the privilege to stand out shivering in the cold staring at the new mayor.

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