It’s open skeeson: Free beer and free registration to the Skee-Ball league

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Home of the brave, land of the skee.

Our friends at Full Circle Bar have no shortage of fun, free events going on, not the least of which is their BrewSkee-Ball league, aka the country’s best respite for skee-ball addicts who also enjoy to drink a beer or two. The latest season … ahem, skeeson … is kicking off on Monday. So not only does the opening party include a free open bar of Genny Cream, Genny Light and Genesee Beer Tall Boys, if you sign up for a league you also get a coupo… brewpon good for eight beers; and on top of that, the funniest flannel wins free registration. We’re suckers for a good skeeball deal, so we’ve got a registration to give away of our own too; find out how to enter below!

To win free registration for your team ($60 value), simply give us your best Skee-Ball team name in the comments below; we’ll pick a winner by Friday at 5pm (make sure to register so we can contact you!). Past team names include Skee Amigos, Beaskee Boys, Just Brew It, Skeesy Does It … you get the idea.

A team consists of three rollers plus one alternate. Find all the details of the league here.

The kick-off jamboree is from 7-9pm on Sept. 24; the season starts on Sept. 30.

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  1. Hold up, we totes did this like 3 months ago! I can dig deeper.

    Iced Skee
    Skeebee Jeebees
    Hepatitis Skee
    I’m A Skeeliever
    Finding Skeemo
    Skeeves of Grass
    Skee No Evil

  2. I’ll take a stab at it…

    Monkey Skee Monkey Doo
    Stay Skee-min’
    No Skee Till’ Brokelyn
    Skeez Eggs and Bacon
    Skeezas in Brokelyn

    All the good onws with “Brew” in the title look taken. *fingers crossed!*

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