It’s Great GoogaMooga scavenger hunt day: spot this ride, win some tix

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In case you’ve had enough of the buzz machine for this thing yet, the organizers of the Great GoogaMooga are driving around today to recapture your attention: Keep your eyes on the road and be prepared to Instagram a pic of this bad boy today. The retro pink, purple and yellow Great GoogaMooga mobile, dubbed “El CaVino” (cause it’s an El Camino and there will be lots and lots of vino), will be prowling the streets of New York from 12pm to 7pm giving away prizes, including those $250 tickets to the fancy, paid-entry side of the festival. They issued clues as to where you can find it too.

Snap a pic and post it to @GoogaMooga on Facebook or Twitter with #ExtraMooga and include one thing you are most excited about from the Extra Mooga line-up and you will be automatically in the running for a roster of prizes including a few sets of passes for the Extra Mooga festival-within-the-festival.

Here are clues to El CaVino’s scheduled stops around the city today. Follow @GoogaMooga for real time updates.

12pm – Clue: No knead to move past Hell’s Kitchen. El CaVino is rollin here.

1pm – Clue: El CaVino wants to know exactly how Extra Mooga-goers can ace a Shuck-Off.

2pm – Clue: El CaVino likes the union between Just Food and GoogaMooga so it’s learning its ABCs in farm-to-fork eating.

3pm – Clue: El CaVino has soul. Like jazz, like Malcolm X, like damn good food.

4:30pm – Clue: Across the bridge and as close to a 585-acre oasis as an El CaVino can get.

7pm – Clue: A day on the road inevitably creates a serious craving for live music and Brooklyn’s best fried chicken.

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