It’s Free Macaron Day! Apparently!

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Ooh, colorful. Via the aptly named Just Macarons

Is there ever a bad time to eat a cookie? No, right? Clearly when your parents used to tell you that you would spoil your dinner by having a cookie first, they were lying. Especially if it’s something as light and airy as a macaron. Who’d be full after eating just one of those? If you’re unsure of the answer or want to test the hypotheses, you can do it risk-free today, because aside from being THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING, today is also Macaron Day in New York. Which means free macarons!

Tragically, only one bakery in Brooklyn is participating in the giveaway of the fluffy desserts: Clinton Hill’s Desserts by Michael Allen (80 Washington Avenue). Apparently Brooklyn isn’t 1% enough for the fancy dessert crowd. But, we know plenty of you work in Manhattan (don’t worry, we won’t tell), so check out this macaron-filled map for places across the river that will give you a free cookie. And then maybe put on a fake mustache to back and grab another one for us, please?

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