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It’s a slice, it’s a pie it’s…SuperVegan!

Faster than a white slice, more powerful than a meat lover’s pie

Just as the light side of the Force brings balance to the dark, so must a food giveaway by a purveyor of poison be balanced by giving out of food that you’d actually want to eat. Or at least that’s how it feels. Just hours after Angel Pagan’s stolen base sentenced us all to free Doritos Locos Tacos, an email from Two Boots showed up in our tips box informing us of the existence of World Vegan Day and Two Boots’ plan to celebrate it: giving away slices of their new vegan pizza, the SuperVegan.

Developed during an intense competition between food bloggers, the SuperVegan is topped with artichokes  Vidalia onions, sundried tomatoes and Daiya cheese with polka dots of basil pesto on a thick Sicilian crust. Sure to be hoarded by vegans across the borough in their Fortresses of Solitude, you can get a slice free at Two Boots’ Park Slope location on Monday Thursday, November 1 (which is also World Vegan Day) between 6pm and 8pm.


  1. Raanan Geberer

    Forty years ago, many people who identified themselves as vegetarians ate fish. Twenty years ago, 90 percent of all vegetarians ate cheese and eggs. Now, being a “vegan” is the new thing. Sounds like creeping puritanism to me!!!!

  2. Mike Rosen

    Hey All,

    Just a correction, this slice will not be available at the Brooklyn location! It will be available at all other NYC locations, however (those that are open at least). Please contact [email protected] for more information!

    Thank you!

    – M

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