Item: Page Six needs a talented gossip to make videos for them!

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Quick, say something witty about this

It might be awards season in Hollywood right now, with the seasonally-appropriate Armond White rage bomb having been dropped, but that’s only temporary. On the other hand, it’s always gossip season in Hollywood, because Jesus, those people are animals. If you’re able to call spoiled Hollywood jerks more than animals and jerks, the New York Post‘s Page Six wants you to come aboard and make videos for them

Yeah yeah, the gossip industry is cruel and mostly empty, but the secret is that most jobs are as well, unless you’re a teacher or a firefighter. So, moral objections having nicely been swept away, what is Page Six looking for? Someone with three years of experience in web and video journalism, who can “master humorous and unconventional takes” on local, national and celebrity news not with words, but with videos.

On the one hand, you’ll have a ton of responsibility, since you’ll be the one shepherding ideas from inception to completion, including working out the script, shooting the video and pulling clips from other sources. On the other hand, it sounds like you’ll have a somewhat free hand over there, so you can at least decide to take more potshots at Justin Bieber and less at Sean Penn. And ultimately, would you rather take shit from an editor because of something boring like screwing up a traffic report, or something weird like not having the best take on Anthony Weiner looking for a new apartment? Thought so, so apply here today.

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