It pays to move, but how much is it worth to relocate to Alaska?

It’s all fun and games up there until you run into this guy. Photo by James Hager

This summer, we reported that Kansas and Niagara Falls want young educated talent to move there so badly that they are offering to pay down your student loans. Brokelyn alum Jennifer Holder, reporting for Wise Bread, found a few additional, unconventional areas around the country that are offering similar incentives to attract fresh young minds. Before you balk, keep in mind that Brooklyn was one of those “unconventional places” not so long ago.

None of the places are what would be seen as urban centers, except maybe Detroit, but there are advantages to moving somewhere like, say, Milnor, North Dakota, like cheap housing compared to Brooklyn. Or hell, move to Chattanooga and you not only get $10,000 for a mortgage, but you’ll be close to Bonnarroo every year, if you’re into that sorta thing.

Or you could just go for broke and head for the Great White North, Alaska. The government literally pays people to live in Alaska, which, hey, if you like nature, is a pretty freakin’ sweet deal. Sure it flies in the face of the “we don’t need a federal guvmint” rhetoric of America’s second most embarrassing politician, but you can just tune her out while you focus on ice fishing.

Seriously people, we all want to be in the center of creative, cultural and business innovation and that’s why we all gravitated to Brooklyn from everywhere else around the world. But eventually the market for Type-A talent will be saturated and there will be no more jobs. You can contribute your superior intellect, education, talent, creativity, and general awesomeness somewhere that needs you and where you won’t have to work 3 jobs to make rent. You should, because I definitely won’t.

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