Is your shower totally revolting?

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Mildewy art deco tile photo by Pfong.

We’re suckers for things like this: a disgusting shower contest, sponsored by a Brooklyn-based company called All Grout. Send these guys pictures of your mildewed bath tiles and if they’re selected as the groadiest ones in Brooklyn you get a free cleaning, a $200 to $350 value. Send photos, name, address and phone number to [email protected]

You’ll probably get called by them even if you’re not the “winner,” but if you actually think you have a shot at this contest you could probably use the help anyway.

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  1. I am so glad someone asked this question. It’s not just a cleaning we also seal your grout and if needed we cut out your old mold and mildew filed silicone.Our products are guaranteed not to ever grow any mold or mildew and can never get stained. When thats all done we buff and polish all tiles bringing the original shine back to your tile.Also our sealer can be made to any color you desire.This is a great product and someone will have a great oppurtunity to have this service done for send us your PICS TODAY!!! Thank You.

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