W’msburg is getting the Urban Outfitters it’s been clamoring for

Urban Outfitters shopper or Williamsburg resident? Trick question, she's both! via Facebook
Urban Outfitters shopper or Williamsburg resident? Trick question, she’s both! via Facebook

Obviously it’s been a long time since Williamsburg was thought of as anything approaching edgy (unless you were making a terrible pun about the condos), but even with the slowly encroaching i-banker hordes and upscale Salvation Armies, it at was at least a little weird. Now though, assuredly not weird purveyor-of-hipsterdom-to-the-suburbs headband warehouse Urban Outfitters may be getting ready to move in to the neighborhood.¬†Your revolution is over, Mr. Adebimpe. Condolences. The beards lost.

There’s still time to go through the Kubler-Ross stages of grief, if you were still that into Williamsburg, because the news of the Zooey Deschannel-aping chain is buried in this Crain’s piece and tied to “real estate sources.” So it’s not opening tomorrow, but it should be there just in time to join the J. Crew and Whole Foods that are popping up in Brooklyn’s former bohemian wonderland. Let’s be honest though, does anyone expect anything different in Williamsburg at this point?

And while chains have been popping up there at an increasing rate, there’s something particularly funny about a place that sells the Williamsburg aesthetic to the rest of the country setting up shop in Williamsburg, to…sell their look back to them? Who freaking knows. Our only big question about the store is: will they be selling ouroboros tattoos?

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