Are these really the clothes Brooklyn buys?

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via Shop It To Me

Apparently we’re a borough of Fendi and Prada swells — and here we were thinking it was all about Target sales and Goodwill scavenging. This map came along today from free online service Shop It To Me displaying what it says is a breakdown of the big-name styles preferred by each neighborhood, according to its users (full map below). Some make sense: North Face is huge in Park Slope (duh) while Williamsburg loves Ralph Lauren (huh?). So does this look your neighborhood?

Shop it To Me lets you choose from more than 380 designers and set other fashion preferences; then searches the web to find the best online deals for those brands, so you won’t see Beacon’s Closet or your local Salvation Army listed.

Its breakdown of this study: Greenpointers have a preference for affordable style; the DUMBO/Carroll Gardens/Brooklyn Heights triangle is the only area where Victoria’s Secret didn’t make the top 20 and Coney Island “has a sense of style unlike any other neighborhood in Brooklyn.”

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  1. yaaaaaaaaaay! I love how my neighborhood doesn’t even feature in this.

    what what, Sunset Park?
    oh, nothing, just not enough whites all up in me yet ordering designer clothing online to be featured on some gentrification map. It’s awesome!

  2. attn commenters: Shop it to Me is ridiculously good SALES/DEALS newsletter… so you can get those brands 40, 50, 60% off often times. I don’t think anyone signed up is looking to shop these brands full price. I represent the Marc Jacobs/ Free People/ Betsey Johnson/ FCUK/ Seychelles circuit in Bushwick. Guess I live in the wrong place.

  3. Sweet Jesus, you people are morons. Coney Island is neither landlocked, nor is it located in Midwood. Also, THE REST OF BROOKLYN EXISTS. BROOKLYN IS NOT JUST LIMITED TO THE NORTHWESTERN PORTION. This is just absurd, not to mention insulting. Please take lessons in statistics and/or geography before attempting anything like this ever again.

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