Is Brooklyn Fashion Week in our future? Possibly!

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Brooklyn: we can be fashionable. via Facebook

Fashion Week is happening right now, have you heard? There’s all sorts of fashion things going on all over the place , like Rihanna’s rat tail and Anna Wintour smiling at the Beckham child. Still, at the moment, the fashion world still considers Manhattan the center of their world. But there are rumblings that Brooklyn could have a bigger piece of Fashion Week soon enough. And why not? Brooklyn’s plenty fashionable, just ask Vogue!

The Atlantic has gathered up evidence, like Women’s Wear Daily noting that Millennials have overtaken our parents in the competition to buy stuff to fix the emptiness inside us with capitalism and a glowing review of a fashion show held in Brooklyn that attracted the likes of Maggie Gyllenhaal, Zosia Mamet and Greta Gerwig. Those, in combination with the fact that more young designers are moving and starting in Brooklyn (and reading our site for great starts in the industry) point to the idea that Brooklyn more of Fashion Week will happen here in the future.

Which is cool, we guess. Unless it means we need to dress better for a week, because ugh, come on with that. You think it’s easy keeping this 1980s Rock Springfield shirt from completely disintegrating in the wash? We’re not gonna stop wearing it just because Diane Von Furstenberg walks into the Bushwick Country Club.

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