Probably won’t be like the Monolith, it might be. via Flickr user Justin Brown

The Williamsburg Apple Store is a concept that’s haunted gentrified Williamsburg like a spectre, with every bar, business and venue closure starting rumors anew that THIS would be the place where the Apple Store was going. Well, we can finally stop treating it like a ghost story, because the New York Post reports that an Apple Store is opening on the corner of North 3rd Street and Bedford Avenue. At least now if you break your phone at a show at Glasslands you can just stroll over and get it fixed. Oh wait.

The location that the Post confirmed is the same one that Gothamist singled out in August, with the eeerily clean white store replacing a bagel place, a health food store and Kings Pharmacy. So nothing that you really need in a city, especially bagels. The 20,00-square foot space will be gut renovated and transformed by April 2015 into a location featuring arched windows, and eventually, idiotic lines of people waiting for the slightly bigger iPhone 7. Or maybe it’ll be smaller this time, who knows! All we know for sure is that once this and the nearby Whole Foods are open, Williamsburg will be the perfect breeding ground for yuppies to lay eggs in.

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