Interactive ‘New Yorker’ food map shows you where to go be fancy

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Prospect’s fried chicken makes the cut, according to the New Yorker. via Facebook

Sometimes, like around the holidays, you might find yourself needing to impress a special someone, the special someone’s parents, a parole officer, a boss. Whoever. The easiest way to do that out of all the ways you can do it is by taking this person to a fancy restaurant. But there are so many around here, how do you know which one will do most of the impressing for you? Fortunately for you, the New Yorker has put together an interactive map featuring their “Tables for Two” restaurant reviews. The best part is, even if some of the restaurants aren’t outwardly fancy, you can turn to your parole officer and say, “Chill, the New Yorker liked this place.”

The Tables for Two map isn’t completely comprehensive, as explained in the blog post the New Yorker put up introducing the map, but it does have plenty of Brooklyn in there (with the obligatory dig about kale salad), including beer book picks Prospect and the Castello Plan. The map is both a decent way to plan an evening and an excellent time-waster, as you can spend hours getting lost in reading the reviews of each restaurant. That wouldn’t happen to us though. We’re more interested in eating food than reading about other people eating it.

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