Instagram camera will use this ‘film’ thing your parents always talk about

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If you were wondering if Instagram could contribute to the death of photography any more than it already has, well, here it is. There’s an Instagram camera in the works (note: iPhone is not technically a camera). And it’s going to print Polaroids, because nothing makes that Toaster filter hipper than the yellowed Polaroid hue, right?

The project’s being helmed by a company called Socialmatic, and preliminary designs for the camera suggest it’ll look pretty much like a 3D version of the app icon, though it seems like you’ll have the option of going with a sleek black version over the signature beige. And, like an old school Polaroid, the camera’s got a built-in printer that will put your photos on (gasp!) photo paper, just like all those photos of your third grade birthday party! Has it taken us this long to come full circle?

Of course, we’re not sure how well this old-school technology handles hashtags, and it’s a lot harder to rack up user likes without the help of the World Wide Web. But, on the bright side, the photos will sync with your Facebook page and virtual Instagram, so you won’t sacrifice any social media interaction if you decide to shoot that picture of your cat cuddled on top of the radiator with a “real” camera.

The camera will tentatively drop in 2014, and though there’s no pricetag on this baby yet, we expect it’ll cost a little more than that used Canon you bought on Ebay last year. Remember, folks, the app is technically free — even though it might cost you your soul.

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