Infinite patience: read Infinite Jest with a group this summer

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Don’t be scared

Have you been staring forlornly at your copy of Infinite Jest, and thinking that maybe it will better serve you as a door weight or as a weapon in the event of a home invasion? Well apparently you’re not alone, because starting in two weeks, a group of committed Jesters are going to gather at Madison Square Park to support each other as they read through the entire tome together. They’ll be easy to spot, look for the people in tennis gear who are obviously on speed.

The club, Infinite Jest NYC, is kind of like the Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation club, in that they’ll be gathering together in a park to read. But that’s where the similarities end we guess, unless someone wants to take their shirt off. They’ll be meeting on Tuesday, June 18 at 7:30pm in Madison Square Park. A sign at the entrance at 5th Avenue and 26th Street will let you know where they are in the park.

They’ll be following the schedule set by the Summer of Jest, because apparently so if you’re going to play along, they ask that you be up to page 169. And no, nothing will have happened in the book by then. If you ask us, this is a bit silly, but then, we finished up the misadventures of Michael Pemulis, Hal Incandenza, Don Gately and the cast of thousands in under two months. Try that line at a bar, gets all the girls hot, guaranteed. As does talking about this Eschaton-inspired Decemberists video:

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  1. Yes, what silly people, turning reading into a social activity and discussing a difficult book together! Next they’ll make it some sort of club that chooses a new book each month!

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