Imagen Vincent van Gogh modarn

Hello I am v. modarn, I ride the subway
Hello I am v. modarn, I ride the subway

Vincent van Gogh was a famous artist or whatever back when ppl didn’t have TV and Twitter to distract them. Some guy look’s just liek him and rode the subway. Now, imagen Vincent van Gogh doing art today and was modarn:

“He’s a fish out of water and he’s just making his way, but the absurdity comes out of no one knowing who he is. As far as anyone knows, he’s just this Bushwick hipster and another pretentious artist.”

“Be prepared to see some hipster culture satire: van Gogh uses Tinder, van Gogh makes latte art, van Gogh gets overwhelmed at Trader Joe’s,” Davis, 27, said.

Imagen Vincent van Gogh use Instagram:

VINNIE (modarn name): Look my best paenting ever, “Starry Night Over WilliAmsburg



OMG so modarn

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