Ikea tries to make assembly idiot-proof with new videos

Not pictured: tiny meatball grease stains.

Ikea: terrible and amazing, brilliant but Machiavellian, a money saving place to get your furnishings without worrying about your kids and a guaranteed way to ruin your relationship in the process. So we’re all conflicted about Ikea, but the Swedish furniture embassy is trying to make your experience slightly less traumatic: Ikea just launched its first YouTube series of how-to videos on assembling its notoriously tricky furniture pieces. It also includes videos aimed at helping you “find your style,” and it turns out “your style” involves lots of Ikea stuff! The assembly videos are meant to complement the printed instructions. They’re similarly full of cutesy images and devoid of complicated narration. Only two products are available right now, but Ikea says it will add one new one ever week. “We understand that not everyone is a natural DIY-er at heart,” an Ikea spokeswoman said in a press release. But at least we can help you get the stuff home by yourself. 

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