Loads of cheap eats at Ikea this weekend

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you meat eaters sure love weird food

Not to overdo it on Ikea coverage this week, but here’s a very enticing reason to overdo it at Ikea tomorrow: the Swedish emporium of stuff white people like hosts a kräftskiva, an all-you-can-eat crayfish party at  only $9.99 per person and $2.49 for kids under 12 (it’s limited seating so purchase advance tickets). Plus, did you know kids eat free at Ikea through Sunday? And, in case you’re still unsure of what to expect at a furniture store doubling as a cafeteria, Gothamist runs down Ikea’s under-appreciated culinary delights. For instance, every Wednesday is Rib Night, offering a half rack of baby back ribs, fries and cornbread for just $7.99. Don’t get sauce on your Boliden.

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