If you like reading Brokelyn… imagine the thrill of an internship!

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The summer is winding down, and several of our wonderful interns are heading back to college, which means Mama Brokelyn is looking for some new blood. If you’re an underemployed journalist, recent graduate or career changer (but for the love of G-d choose a different one) and you’re willing to spend at least two days a week devoting yourself to the high art of frugality, please send a resume and cover letter to [email protected], along with two to three writing samples. In the note, please be sure to describe any special interests or skills that might be relevant, ie., thrift-shopping, monetizing free content etc. Internships are unpaid unless you can think of  a clever way to make money from your stories (no, you can’t charge your sources) or open up an Etsy store on the site. Social media junkies especially welcome.

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