‘I saw you…there!’ Pinpoint your missed connection with Craigslist’s map feature

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Look at all that potential love

Ah, the Craigslist missed connection. Excellent time waster, last bastion of the socially awkward and the delusional. For as long as we’ve been reading these dispatches of one-sided romance, we’ve never been able to see exactly where they happened. But now, with Craigslist’s map view feature, you can see exactly where these are clustering. Sounds like we’ve got another awesome way to waste time at work.

To be fair, the map view isn’t only for missed connections. It’s also used for real estate and items for sale, but let’s be honest: the best possible use for it is to see where all the missed connections in Brooklyn are happening. Would you believe the highest concentration of them happen in Williamsburg? Yeah, us too. Just talk to each other, people.

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