Hungry for your neighbor’s leftovers? There’s an app for that

Siri, can you find me someone's unwanted pizza? via Leftover Swap
Siri, can you find me someone’s unwanted pizza? via Leftover Swap

Ever stuff yourself until you feel like you’re going to explode? And yet you look down and there’s still more food? Well aren’t you lucky. Or maybe you made a little too much when you cooked dinner and you don’t see yourself eating it before it goes bad. Whatever the reason for you having leftover food, you don’t have to face the prospect of either eating it or throwing it away anymore because Silicon Valley has solved that problem for you with Leftover Swap, the app that will find your neighbor’s leftovers and get them into your mouth.

The app, which is sadly iPhone only right now (with an Android one in the works), works pretty simply. If you’re at a restaurant, or at home we suppose, and you’re faced with food you know you just won’t eat, you can take a picture of it, write a brief description and then pin it. Then you wait and see if some hungry person out there with an iPhone and the app wants your corner Chinese leftovers or that hunk of Peter Luger steak you won’t finish. Hey, we can dream.

The app, aside from getting you free food, also promises to make a more connected world where people know their neighbors better thanks to sharing food. High-minded Silicon Valley ideals aside, this does sound like a great way to wander around getting free grub. Provided that people actually use it of course. So, if you don’t want to have to depend on the occasional freebie-crawl, maybe put some flyers up about it or get a skywriting plan to spread the word. After all, free food!

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