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Hungry for summer fun: food trucks coming to Jacob Riis beach

OK yes fine, thank you Robert Moses. via Flickr user Padraic
OK yes fine, thank you Robert Moses. via Flickr user Padraic

With Fort Tilden sadly washed away for at least a year, the Sauron-like all-seeing eye of jorts-bedecked young people has to find another somewhat secluded beach to do their young people things at. Fortunately, Jacob Riis beach is right next door and is enough of a pain in the ass to get to that it’s not overcrowded. And joining you on your bikini adventures this summer will be a slew of food trucks.

As first reported by Crain’s, the city and the National Park Service put out a request for bids from food truck vendors, and they’ve made their decision. So now in addition to the 30s-era bathhouse designed by evil genius Robert Moses, every Sunday in June, you’ll be able to wander among Eddie’s Pizza, Rickshaw Dumpling (not actually a rickshw) and Pura Vida, who are purveyors of smoothies and other healthy things that you’ll wish you had eaten before getting self-conscious about your beach body. The July schedule is up in the air, and Crain’s also reports that there may be a couple more food trucks selected in the works. Sounds great, now if summer would only get here.

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