Human monster gets dogs banned from The Gate

the gate
Who could object to this? via Facebook

There’s nothing like a dog-friendly bar, at least for most of us out there. Drinking and beer and petting dogs, it’s just a great way to live. Some people apparently can’t handle that kind of awesomeness though, as Park Slope Stoop and DNA Info reported, some monster called 311 to complain about the fact that Park Slope’s The Gate lets people bring their dogs in. Obviously there are worse people in the world, but we’re gonna put you in the top 5 this week, anonymous 311 narc.

Park Slope Stoop first brought the issue to our attention, sharing the news that The Gate had put up a sign saying that the bar couldn’t let dogs in, along with the heartbreaking image of people showing up with dogs and then sadly walking away when they realized they couldn’t go inside. DNA Info reports that this was because of a 311 call that brought a city health inspector to the bar, who told the owners to close it off to man’s best friend. The Gate will find out how bad of a fine they’re looking at in mid-November, but in the mean time, we have to figure out what kind of monster would do something like complain about dogs in bars. We have some suspects:

C. Montgomery Burns

Cruella DeVille


The dog catcher from Lady and The Tramp

lady and the tramp

We suppose we’ll never know though…


  1. Dogs are the new babies.

    I actually feel similarly about dogs in bars as I do about kids in bars. Leave them home. I don’t need someone else’s pet sniffing around me and getting underfoot as I’m trying to hang out with my friends. I come for the beer, not the random animals.

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