Huge Bell House beer fest now accepting volunteers

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C'mon, pup, you can do better. Via Flickr's megan adams brooks.

Beer for Beasts is a huge ass fest at The Bell House on March 31, organized by Sixpoint and Beer Advocate and featuring more than 40 handcrafted small batch brews. Tix would cost you some $65 (the proceeds benefit the Humane Society, aka the “beasts”), and one of the two sessions is already sold out. But there’s still a shortcut to getting in for free: at noon today, Beer for Beasts opened its call for volunteers for this year’s event. They’re looking for 30-40 people to work the event and … there’s not much more info on what that entails, but they make them out to be a highly coveted spots, which can only mean one thing: free beer!

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  1. Too bad it is a ridiculously hypocritical event that says it wants to support the humane treatment of animals yet is serving their dead bodies. If this event would either a)stop serving meat or b)at least admit that it is hypocritical instead of arguing that it is totally sensible to have meat at an event for animals…

    I am NEVER someone to preach how others should eat – and as a vegetarian I would be at this event and first on line even if they were serving meat (I find that most beer feats have meat and I still attend) if only it wasn’t insanely supposed to be benefitting animals! It is utterly mind blowing!

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