Get a big crowd to your event with our new events calendar!

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Your next event can be this much fun too! Photo by Sarah Gainer

If you’re throwing an event in Brooklyn and you want to pack the joint, you gotta be on Brokelyn. Not to be conceited or anything, but we hear from venues and event planners all the time that our coverage gets people to go places. Now there’s a free, easy way to get your comedy night, rock show or macrame class in front of our 100,000-plus monthly visitors: by posting it on our new Brooklyn events calendar. It takes 3.7 seconds to pop in your event info, email, contact info, website, pics — everything anyone might want to know. Our listings also have nifty little share buttons, which make it super-easy for you and everyone else to tell the world. And also for us — we’ve got 12,500 lovely Twitter followers one share button away, and the only way we can press that button on your behalf … OK, you get it. Our Brooklyn events calendar is also where we’ll be looking for blog post ideas, so you do not want to miss the chance for extra coverage. In sum, may we boldly say you’d be NUTS not to list your par-tay with us? Start posting here, and then get ready for this to happen –>>



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