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How to build a boat in an afternoon

A TKTTKE boat Courtesyo f Gowanus Studio Spae.
A DIY boat, Courtesy of Gowanus Studio Space.

You don’t see many things that cost $90 on Brokelyn (unless it’s surgery or an apartment), but this thing sounds kooky in an utterly charming way: a three-day boat-building workshop this weekend at the Gowanus Studio Space. It’s being put together by an alternative-y sounding bunch of folks who promise that you can, and will, build a humble but cute sea-worthy vessel like the one pictured in two-and-a-half days.

We are currently building a fleet of Liberum Dories, a design based on the historic 15′ Banks Dory. The frame of this boat can be constructed over the course of a single afternoon using minimal tools and basic building skills (seriously, you can do it).

The course begins with a late-night cruise on the Gowanus Friday night. Yeeps.

No prior woodworking or boat experience is necessary, but come understanding that you will be using some power tools and boating around on one of America’s great polluted waterways. Hand sanitizer will be provided.”

Despite the threat of dysentary, only one participant will get to take home his or her dinghy: whoever wins the raffle at the end of class. “Hopefully it will fit in your apartment,” the web site says. What if you want it to be your apartment?

Mare Liberum Boatbuilding Workshop, June 26, 27 & 28, Gowanus Studio Space,

Those who can’t make the workshop can download instructions at

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