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Houston’s Brooklyn outpost has a food truck now

Nicest damn food truck we've ever seen
Nicest damn food truck we’ve ever seen

Many moons ago, we brought you the story of the Brooklyn Athletic Club, the Houston restaurant that slapped “Brookyn” on their restaurant because the proprietors’ grandparents grew up there. Anyway, they were very nice about the whole thing so we won’t trash them. But it’s good to check in from time to time, and what better time than when they get their new food truck?

Eater Houston shares the news that after a long delay, the BAC has finally parked their food truck in their spacious backyard. And it looks like a goddamn luxury auto of food trucks. And clean too! Given time though, we’re sure it’ll build up the requisite grit that any good food truck needs. Of course it comes just as Brooklyn’s (alleged) food truck originators are getting out of the game, so hopefully the addition of the food truck hasn’t come just as the bubble burst on eating sandwiches standing up while breathing exhaust fumes.

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