One tweet that perfectly sums up being a New Yorker during a terror scare

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 1.07.14 PMVia, referencing this news story from DNAinfo about how the NY/NJ bombers were thwarted by thieves who pounced on the unattended bags. This piece of news will leave you with a very “well, huh!” feeling about living in New York while the rest of the country panics that we’re under attack from ISIS. This city may at times be a cesspool of thieves, con artists and villainy. But it’s our cesspool. Crime isn’t good, but no real New Yorker would leave their bag unattended anywhere, for exactly this reason.

As a law enforcement source told DNAinfo: “Who in this world finds a pressure cooker with a phone and just takes the bag?”

Be careful out there and be good to each other, however you process your feelings of safety and vigilance. Life goes on in New York, for now.


  1. Mervin Sonnier

    Got to be frustrating for you DAESH: How can you terrorize a people who spit in the face of your bombs, people who refuse to be terrorized. Hey dumbasses, you need to re-think your strategy. Bravo New York. You’re our heroes.

    • Anonymous

      Well unfortunately, the terrorists have succeeded in their objective: we have surrendered so many of our freedoms because of terror, we are scarcely recognizable as the Land of the Free anymore. Airport security checks, internet and phone surveilence, all of it because “oh no, terrorists might be somewhere!”

      They came in through the bathroom window while you were thumping your chest about how unafraid we are. Ironic, really…

  2. Paul Abruzzo

    Except that pretty much everyone in North Brooklyn and all the hipsters who gentrified, ruined, and fucked up Brooklyn for New Yorkers, aren’t real New Yorkers anyway.

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