25 gifts under $25, No. 9: Owney’s Rum infusions!

Owney's Rum Infusions

Remember that self-guided Spirit Trail? We found a bottle of booze from the tour for under $25, which is harder than you’d think, for a good reason. These are after all, smaller outfits that just started, and startup costs are more expensive. Expenses like rent, as we’re always ranting discussing, are ridiculous around here. Despite this, there was at least one booze that fit the bill and that is Owney’s Rum Infusions, made by Williamsburg’s The Noble Experiment, clocking in at $20-$22.

The smooth rum, that will make you question why you ever bothered with the swill you endured in college, comes in three flavors: vanilla, rosemary and mint. Bridget Firtle, the noble experimenter herself, is one of the few women in the Brooklyn distilling industry. So you’re not just drinking to forget your humiliating moments of 2013, (of which you have many) but getting a taste of girl power. And it tastes oh, so good. $20-$22 at Heights Chateau, Brooklyn Wine Exchange, and Wright & Goebel Wines and Spirits

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