Hit Northside’s NExT Expo for networking that doesn’t suck

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Find networking success, and you too can have your name painted on the side of a building. Via Northside.

So we all know that networking sucks, right? Getting into business casual (eh), talking to strangers en masse (blerg), developing your personal brand (UGH) all in the hope that you’ll get added to some crappy email list that will maybe, somewhere down the line, lead you to a job. But what if it didn’t suck? What if there were people there that you actually wanted to meet? Find out what that feels like on June  13 and 14 at Northside’s NExT Expo, a free ticketed expo in Williamsburg that’ll be showcasing innovative, exciting companies and startups. What do you have to lose? Nothing. Know why? ‘Cause it’s free.

This event is perfect mostly because it takes place in McCarren Park, where you’ll probably already be hanging out every day by then. Although it’s unclear who exactly will be appearing at the NExT Expo, they do promise “special programming,” a job fair for tech opportunities, and hundreds of companies showcasing a bunch of cool stuff. Do you have cool stuff that you wanna show to people? You, too, can be a part of the expo. Just contact Dawn Pratt at dpratt[at]greenfieldmediagroup[dot]com. Just wanna browse? RSVP here.

Of course, there’s a paid option for this if you have $190 and wanna be one of those special folks with a badge. The NExT Conference is open only to badgeholders and will feature stuff like panels and fireside chats (yes, fireside chats) for those who are perhaps inclined to listen and take notes rather than relentlessly pitch themselves. Don’t have $190? Sign up to be a volunteer and see what happens.

The world is yours for the taking…maybe. But of course you’ll never know unless you show up to find out. Besides, it’s better than surfing craigslist all day.

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