Get free bus rides to Philly to campaign for Hillary

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Ride the party bus for Hillary Clinton.

Election activism comes in all forms, and once you register to vote (today’s the last day!), it’s the best thing you can do to stay involved until that fateful polling day arrives. Maybe phone banking is your thing, or you do door-to-door canvassing in your own neighborhood. Those are both great!

But if you haven’t found your “thing” yet or you’re too broke to take time out of your work schedule for the above, then consider this neat weekend opportunity to help Hillary Clinton that comes with lots and lots of freebies. Pennsylvania’s Working America, in league with local workers’ unions and radio stations, has partnered up with The New York State Assembly to offer FREE bus rides from New York City to Philadelphia every weekend from now until election day. Bonus: two free meals included.

Along with members of the PA labor unions and other community groups, you and your fellow blue NYC voters will get to spend a Saturday knocking on doors in the working-class neighborhood of Germantown, Philadelphia to help Hillary Clinton defeat Donald Trump in the coming election, “so as to send a message that candidates like him have no place on the political stage, unless it’s for comedy.”

In addition to campaigning for Hillary, you’ll also be helping to elect Pennsylvania’s Democratic Senate candidate, Katie McGinty! Yas queens (in politics).

Buses depart from midtown Manhattan at 7am. Sure it’s early, but when it comes with a free meal you know you can muster the energy. Plus, this is the fate of our country we’re talking about. Here are the dates when you can hitch a free ride:

Saturday, Oct. 15
Saturday, Oct. 22
Saturday, Nov. 5

If you’re going out the Friday night before, maybe you don’t even have to go to bed! Just head straight from your last after party to the bus station. Both breakfast AND lunch will be provided, you’ll get to spend the day campaigning for Hillary alongside your fellow Dems, and you’ll still be back in time for a Saturday night party (buses return by 5pm).

Space is limited, so make sure to reserve your seat ASAP! And if you have any questions, contact Jess Garcia at jgarcia[at]

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