High society: Weed supper club allegedly opens in New York

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You ever have baked potatoes? Ever have have bakes potatoes…on weed?

Everything on the goddamn internet these days is either a hoax or a PR stunt or a PR stunt for a fake company, so take this with a sprinkling of shwag salt. But, there’s allegedly a pot supper club in New York, that cooks fine dining foods soaked in weed better or in weed oil, and a few menu items without weed ingredients. Which, what’s the point of those ones?

Yes, instead of measuring out your own brownies and making them so strong you warn friends not to eat more than one but trip so hard you just keep eating them, sensimil.la purports to cook you fancy food like “Confit chicken wings and frisee salad with Mango Kush croutons and smoked Niman Ranch bacon.” See what they did there? Mango Kush croutons. The dining club promises locally-sourced ingredients and organic weed, because what else would fly in New York?

Look how real they are, they’ve even got a YouTube video. No one lies on YouTube.

Like most fine dining options, sensimil.la is decidedly vegan unfriendly, so your baked animal-friendly pals will just have to keep making do with Morningstar buffalo faux-wings. Anyway, there’s an email list you can sign up for and pretend it’s all real, until this turns out to be the work of Tosh.0 or Jimmy Fallon or whatever other stupid internet entity is lurking out there.

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