Hey, some chefs want to make you free food on Saturday

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Gourmet Guild, where people want to feed you this weekend. Via.

This is a free food event that bills itself as like Supermarket Sweep, “except no hair-pulling and the shoppers are cooks.” It’s called BattleKU: Cook-off at Gourmet Guild Williamsburg, wherein five chefs from the home-cook cooperative MealKu will gather goods from the Guild’s Saturday sidewalk market, cook them up at home and serve them in the evening to you, the audience, for your judging.

The public gets to pick a winner, who will then go on to be a featured chef at one of the Guild’s pop-up dinners. The chefs will go the market in the morning to grab the food (no actual time limit, but they may be in their own rush), and then serve them to the public at 6:30pm.

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