Hey NFL fans: Get the Madden Anniversary edition and get free Sunday Ticket

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RG III runs right into your living room, with a simple Madden puchase. via Facebook

Despite our best efforts to drown out the drumbeats with baseball talk, football is coming. And the Mets and Yankees are hopeless, so we may as well look ahead to another season of slothful Sundays. But why be stuck with just the Giants and (ugh) the Jets, along with whatever national game CBS or FOX deigns to give you? The good people at Kotaku have found a wonderful loophole to access DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket with the purchase of this year’s Madden NFL 25 Anniversary Edition.

Koataku points out that Madden‘s Anniversary edition comes with a code to get access to Sunday Ticket, which gets you access to every out of market NFL game on Sundays, on a computer or mobile device. Usually this runs you $300 but since the Anniversary Edition is only $100, suddenly Sunday Ticket is too. Can you see it on your TV? No, but who has a TV? Or at least a laptop you can’t hook up to a TV or projector. Get some friends together and you can start your own sports bar, at least until you get a cease and desist letter from the NFL’s lawyers.

Sure you’ll be paying $100 for a video game, which is a silly amount of money for it, but as the thorough breakdown of the accidental great offer points out, you can just sell the game after it comes, because the code is on a piece of paper, not in the game itself. If you’re still in disbelief about that whole thing, check out Kotaku’s post for the explanation about how this is a deal that will not blow up in your face. High five football fan!

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