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Hey, the Mets have a buy one, get one free ticket deal now too

bartolo colon
Don’t let anyone tell you the Mets didn’t make any big off-season acquisitions

If you missed the $5 Mets tickets…and you missed the Mets Groupon…don’t worry, the team is still committed to getting your butt in the seats and spending money on the Lovecraftian horror that is Pastrachos. Today’s offer is a buy one, get one free deal on tickets up to $50 for next weekend’s game agains the Red. Who aren’t really “the hated Reds,” because it’s not 1973 anymore.

This of course, means that you’re paying half as much money for your ticket, because what kind of cheap friend won’t give you $25 for tickets along the first or third base line? Ignore the free tickets, those were gone mighty quick.¬†And look, don’t give the Mets shit about this. They need to raise money in some way if they’re gonna have the money to spend on Stephen Drew halfway through the year.

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