Crown Heights

Hey look, it’s a The Wire reunion in Crown Heights!

For an upcoming episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, the salty host and Brooklyn native Michael K. Williams (OMAR COMIN!) hit Crown Heights to taste some of the neighborhood’s famous, low-cost Caribbean food. Aside from just being an awesome pairing, who happens to show up but Jamie Hector, aka Omar’s arch nemesis Marlo Stanfield from The Wire. Ten minutes of dramatic, allegoric gun battles follow. JK! The two are actually friends, and Hector is a Brooklyn native too. And you thought being seated next to your one-night stand at Papacito’s was a strange coincidence.

Williams talks to Bourdain about all the wonders of  the different kinds of meats and veggies you find at Gloria’s in Crown Heights, including curried goat, rice and peas, and oxtail.

“The cheapest ass piece of meat has proven once again to be the best,” Bourdain narrates about oxtail.

Man’s gotta have a zip code.

Bourdain kinda botches pronouncing Marlo’s last name, but for this bit of sauteed TV gold, we’ll forgive it. Bourdain also recently filmed at Roberta’s too. Also, is that guy standing next to Hector at 2:33 David Carr? Investigation underway.

The show airs Nov. 5 at 9pm on the Travel Channel.

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