All the free outdoor fitness classes you can take in Brooklyn

Photo by Alexa Hoyer
Everybody Zumba! Photo by Alexa Hoyer

For most of us, summer is already in full swing. Beach days on fleek, early-morning runs, rooftop yoga, patio drinking galore and a sweet racerback tan. But if you happen to fall into the category of folks who still haven’t gotten out of bed this season, we’re here to wake you all up with two words: beach body.

Just kidding, don’t worry about that. But do worry about all the sunshine and endorphin-releasing benefits that working out will have on your body. If you’re not sweating this season, you’re sorely missing out. And with that said, here’s all the completely FREE fitness you can check out this summer that takes place under the sun! Stay hydrated, and don’t forget sunscreen. 


This class series is hosted in Brooklyn Bridge Park, and features pretty much everything under the sun(set) if you’re looking to get a workout in after work, as well as plenty of afternoon classes on weekends. Registration begins half an hour before each class, and children under 18 will need adult accompaniment. A pretty exhaustive rundown below, but you can always check out the BBP’s website for more information about each class.

Pilates with The Fitness Guru
Tuesdays at 7pm
Empire Fulton Ferry
Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on core strengthening, postural alignment and stability. You’ll definitely be feeling this in your abs the next day—and seeing it start to shape your body within a few weeks. Bring your own mat.

Hip Hop Dance Aerobics
Fridays at 7pm
Pier 2 Play Turf
A high-energy fitness class set to hip hop music. Step by step choreography will get your heart rate up while your boogey down. Registration for the class begins at 6:30 and the class runs from July 11th until August 11th.

A different kind of squatting happening along the east river. Picture by Alexa Hoyer
A different kind of squatting happening along the east river. Picture by Alexa Hoyer

Total Body Conditioning
Sundays at 3:30pm
Pier 2 Play Turf
This is a higher-endurance, full-body workout designed to strengthen and tone using an assortment of equipment. Think squats, push-ups, weights and planks. No crybabies!

Sundays at 4:30pm
Pier 2 Play Turf
Zumba is a high energy dance work out combining the traditional Latin dance style with traditional “aerobics.” Think the age of  jazzercise but with less Jane Fonda and more Jennifer Lopez.

Sunrise Abhaya Yoga
Mondays at 7:30am
Pier 6 Lawns 
Wake up with a stretch and an “Oooooom!” along the river with Sunrise Yoga. Remember, the bright and early 7:30 start means that registration begins even brighter and earlier, at 7am.

Broadway Dance
Mondays at 10am
Pier 2 Play Turf
Defy gravity with this hour-long workout set to classic, upbeat Broadway show tunes. It’s safe and fun for people of all skills. Sneakers are a must!
Kick – ball-change! Picture by Alexa Hoyer

This free series is offered in every borough. We’re obviously focusing on the ones in Brooklyn, and even this list doesn’t exhaust all the free senior workouts you could invade at some BK community centers. So just know, even when you’re thinking “Holy abundance of exercise opportunities, Batman,” that there’s a lot more on top of it.

Sculpting and Toning

Cardio Toning
Fridays at 12pm
Audubon Center – Prospect Park
This class strengthens your core through toning and balance exercises.

Cardio Sculpt
Saturdays at 11am
Audubon Center – Prospect Park
Get your total body workout focusing on muscle strength while keeping your heart a-pumping!

Glutes in Gear
Wednesdays at 6pm
Audubon Center – Prospect Park
Get down to groovy tunes while you’re heart rate gets up and your glutes get tight!

Cardio Fit Fridays
Fridays at 10am
Calvert Vaux Park
This cardio blasting class includes moderate cardio, dance and calisthenic exercises sure to pump you up for the first day of the weekend!


These kids can Zumba and you can, too. via flickr user Jon Mannion
If these can Zumba under the sun then you can, too. via flickr user Jon Mannion

Dance and Zumba 

Caribbean Dance Fitness
Saturdays at 10am
Herbert Von King Park 
For all levels! Easy to follow dance steps inspired by the Caribbean Dance style. Great for toning and cardio!

Dance Fitness
Saturdays at 11am
Herbert Von King Park 
For all levels! Easy to follow dance steps set to upbeat music, great for toning and cardio!

Family Zumba
Saturdays at 11am
Mccarren Park 
Even your little ones can dance the zumba!

Just walking

Walking Club
Thursdays at 10am
Marine Park
Boy, are you ever in luck. Shape Up NYC offers two groups that stroll leisurely around the park.


Let your third eye roam Prospect Park! via Bend & Bloom

Prospect Park and McCarren Park don’t have the same breadth of programming, but there sure is a lot happening there, at all hours. (And, in addition to the yoga we’ve listed below, there are also donation-based yoga classes at pretty much every studio in the borough, so look for that on the schedule at your neighborhood spot.)

Willkommen in the Park: Deep House Yoga
Tuesdays, July 21 & August 18 at 7pm
McCarren Park Fieldhouse
What happens when you mix a live DJ with pranayama? (Apparently something called “wellness clubbing,” according to Huffington Post.) Verboten presents this evening yoga class, featuring an energizing vinyasa flow accompanied by soothing deep house beats from a live DJ. There’s a $2o suggested donation if you happen to be feeling flush. Bring your own mat! Water will be provided.

Brooklyn Body Circuit, with TheRiseNYC
Tuesdays at 6:30am
Grand Army Plaza
The pictures on their page can tell you pretty much everything you need to know about this early morning, bootcamp-style class led by trainers at The Rise. You can bet you’ll be doing intervals of cardio, strengthening reps, toning exercises and everything in between. Bring water and any friends who also want a hardbody.

Free Yoga in Prospect Park, with Lululemon
Thursdays at 7pm
Long Meadow in Prospect Park
Hosted by the Smith Street Lululemon store, this weekly community yoga class runs all the way through September 10! Bring your own mat and water (and a friend) for a yoga class led by a different instructor each week, from local studios like Bend & Bloom. Teachers present varying styles of yoga, so this is a good way to find your preferred type if you’re just getting started.


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